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Adelaide Manuela da Costa Duarte

She holds a Degree in History with a specialisation in Art History, a Master’s Degree in Museology and Cultural Heritage and has been a PhD student in Museology and Cultural Heritage at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Coimbra since 2006.

After a brief period at the Aveiro Museum, she was awarded a study grant for scientific research by the Science and Technology Foundation at the Dr Mário Silva National Science and Technology Museum (2000-2006), where she was engaged in activities that included: programming, organisation, installation, setting-up and the marketing and advertising of temporary exhibitions for different audiences. In the education department, she has has given pedagogical workshops. In area of the study of collections, she has worked on the compilation of inventories and the supervision of conservation and recovery of scientific and technological spoils.

She is presently engaged in a study of Fine Art Collections (Engravings, Sculpture, Design and Painting) at the Vila Franca de Xira Municipal Museum.