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Ana Cristina Araújo

She is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Coimbra and Researcher at the Centre for History of Society and Culture of the University of Coimbra.

She is the author, of among other things, books on: A morte em Lisboa. Atitudes e Representações (1700-1830) [Death in Lisbon. Attitudes and Representations (1700-1830)], (Lisbon, 1997); A Cultura das Luzes em Portugal. Temas e Problemas [The Culture of Lights in Portugal: Themes and Problems], (2003); O Terramoto de 1755. Lisboa e a Europa [The Earthquake of 1755: Lisbon and Europe] (Lisbon, 2005). She coordinated and was co-author of O Marquês de Pombal e a Universidade [The Marquis of Pombal and the University], (Coimbra. Coimbra University Press); and O Terramoto de 1755. Impactos Históricos [The Earthquake of 1755: Historical Impacts] (Lisbon, 2007). She has participated in more than twenty collective works both in Portugal and abroad, with a particular focus on Portuguese History (dir. José Mattoso), Lisbon, 1993; and L’Esprit de l’Europe (dir. Antoine Compagnon and Jacques Seebacher), Paris, 1993. She is part of the working group on the Diccionario político y social del mundo iberoamericano, La Era de las Revoluciones, 1750-1850, I – Iberconceptos, (dir. Javier Fernández Sebastiían), Madrid, 2009. She has also published a number works on the period of the French invasions of Portugal.