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Ana Maria da Silva Machado

She holds a Master’s Degree in Portuguese Literature. She currently works as an invited Lecturer at the Portuguese Institute of Language and Literature and is a member of the Executive Commission of "O mundo à minha procura – Ruben A. 30 anos depois" [The World is Searching for Me – Ruben A. 30 years later], Coimbra, 13-14, May 2005.

Her main areas of scientific interest are: Portuguese Medieval Literature, Hagiography, Hermeneutics and Theology. Particularly noteworthy publications include:

"Tradição, movência e exemplaridade na Vida de Santa Maria Egípcia" [Tradition, Mobility and Exemplarity in the life of the Egyptian Holy Mary], Faculty of Letters, University of Coimbra, 1988; Collaboration on the Dictionary of Medieval Literature, organised by G. Tavani and G. Lanciani, Lisbon, Editorial Caminho, 1993; "O testemunho dos prólogos na prosa didática moral e religiosa" [Witness of prologue in moral and religious didactic prose], in Juan Paredes Nuñez (ed.) Medioevo y Literatura, Universidade de Granada, 1995, III: 131-46; "A Legenda aurea nos exempla hagiográficos do Orto do Esposo" [The Aurea Legend in the hagiographic example of the Husband of Orto], (October 1996), in Colóquio Letras, 142 (1996): 121-136; Participation in Historia de la Literatura Portuguesa, ed. José Luis Gavilanes and António Apolinário, Madrid, Editorial Cátedra, 2000.