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Ana Rodríguez Marcos

Ana Rodríguez Marcos holds a PhD in Pedagogy, and is Professor at Universidad de la Facultad de Formación de Profesorado y Educación de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and Coordinator of the EMPIPE Research Group (Team for Interdisciplinary Educational Practice) officially recognised by the same institution. She has an impressive history as a teacher (at the Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD level) and as a researcher on national and international projects in the context of teacher training. She has authored or co-authored articles published in prestigious academic journals (Revista de Educación, Revista Española de Pedagogía, Bordón, etc.) and many books, amongst which are: “Cómo innovar en el Prácticum de Magisterio La utilización del portafolios en la enseñanza universitaria” [How to innovate in teaching primary level. The utilisation of portfolios in university teaching] (2005); and “La colaboración de la Universidad y los Centros de Prácticas: Fundamento y experiencias de formación de maestros” [The Cooperation between the University and Practice Centres: Foundation and experience in the training of teachers.]