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André Caetano

He was born in Coimbra in 1983. He has a Degree in Communication Design from Coimbra University School of Arts. He works freelance in the areas of illustration and graphic design and also works in collaboration with publishers such as Porto Editora, GATAFunho, Calendário de Letras, MinervaCoimbra and Lápis de Memórias, amongst others. Noteworthy works he has illustrated include: “Versos de Respirar” by José António Franco, edited by Calendário de Letras and a work recommended by Casa de Leitura and by the National Reading Plan, and “Sem Palavras”, by Eugénio Roda, published by Porto Editora and chosen for the exhibition “100 books for the future” at the Bologna Children’s Books Fair when Portugal was the featured country. In the area of comic strips, he illustrated an integrated history of Portuguese Pop Rock together with with Pedro Pires about the band Trabalhadores do Comércio, with text written by Hugo Jesus. He was invited to participate with an illustration in Göooo, a concept magazine specialising in illustration in many schools and libraries throughout the country, and in ESAP in Guimarães in the Master’s Degree programme in Illustration.

He has participated in many expositions with sketches and paintings amongst which one work is particularly noteworthy in the context of an individual exhibition at the Casa das Artes e Cultura do Tejo in Vila Velha de Ródão and in the Beja Bedeteca. He is an active member of the Salão40 drawing group and is part of the drawing organisation meeting group, SketchcrawlCoimbra.