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António Resende de Oliveira

He is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Coimbra where he comprises part of the team at the History and Theory of Ideas Institute. His doctoral studies focused on Portuguese-Galego troubadour songbooks, having published many books and essays in which he has sought to frame the troubadour song-style in the context of the nobility of the western Iberian Peninsula and to re-evaluate the interpretation of troubadour satirical productions. His participation in many collective works and his presentation of conference papers have resulted in the widening of his research into different aspects of medieval Portuguese culture, with a particular leaning toward the cultural production of nobility. He is pursuing, in conjunction with Leontina Ventura, a study of the Briteiro lineage, the data from which has been published in four essays about a variety of angles of political trajectories, inheritance and cultural aspects of this important medieval family. The present project, co-authored with the above named historian, forms part of a this present draft research project that studies the chancellery of Dom Afonso III.