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António Martins da Silva

He is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Coimbra and also a Researcher at the History of Society and Culture Centre, supported by the Science and Technology Foundation. He has published books and authored numerous papers in scientific journals, colloquia and collective national and international work. His primary research areas are the history of ideas and European integration, the relationship between Portugal and Europe, and international organisations – themes about which he has published dozens of works which include: “Portugal e a Construção Europeia" [Portugal and European construction] (Viseu, Palimage, 2005, pp. 476). He has taught a variety of subjects and seminars at Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral levels and has supervised academic dissertations in the areas of contemporary history, international relations and the European construct. He is Course Director of the European Studies programme at Bachelor’s and Master’s level at the University of Coimbra.