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Armando Nascimento Rosa

Armando Nascimento Rosa was born in Évora in 1966 and is one of the most frequently performed living Portuguese playwrights, beginning with his scenic debut in 2000 at Centro Cultural de Belém with a play entitled “Lianor no país sem pilhas” a piece distinguished with Ribeiro da Fonte Revelation Award. He is the author of more than twenty dramatic works, including two operatic librettos with music by Hugo Ribeiro, winner of the Opera in Creation competition at São Luiz Theatre in 2008 and 2011. He received the Albufeira Literature Award in 2008 with a play entitled “Visita na prisão ou O último sermão” by António Vieira and was also awarded Bernardo Santareno Theatre Award in 2011 for another play entitled “Em viagem para Belle Reve”. Has had plays translated into English, French and Serbian, many of which have been published in book form, and with scenes and readings staged in London, Madrid, New York, Zurich, São Paulo, New Orleans and Ithaca in the United States of America. He holds a Doctorate in 20th Century Portuguese Dramatic Literature and has taught at the Higher School of Cinema and Theatre of the Lisbon Polytechnic Institute since 1998.