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Artur César Isaía

He is Adjunct Professor at the Department of History of UFSC, and researcher at CNPq, where has directed his research toward the history of religions and concentrating on contemporary Brazil. Among his more noteworthy publications include: "Catolicismo e autoritarismo no Rio Grande do Sul” [Catholicism and authoritarianism in South Rio Grande do Sul], "Orixás e espíritos: o debate interdisciplinar na pesquisa contemporânea” [Orishas and spirits: interdisciplinary debate in contemporary research] (organiser), "Portugal-Brasil no século XX. Sociedade, cultura e ideologia” [Portugal-Brasil in the 20th century: Society, Culture and Ideology] (cp-organiser). In addition, he has written book chapters and specialised scientific articles.

Coimbra University Press published works include: “Progresso e Religião. A República no Brasil e em Portugal (1889-1910)” [Progress and Religion. The Republic in Brazil and in Portugal (1889-1910)].