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Aurelio Pérez Jiménez

He is Full Professor of Greek Philology at the University of Málaga. In addition, he is also President of the Department of Greek Philology, Arab Studies, General Linguistics and Documentation of the University of Málaga. He is President of the Spanish Plutarchist Society and of ACUTEMA (Roman and Greeek Theatrical Culture Association of Málaga). His main areas of scientific research include: Plutarch and ancient biography; Greek religion and myth; ancient astrology and classical theatre. Amongst others, the following publications are particularly noteworthy: "Hesíodo. Obras y fragmentos." Introduction, translation and notes (in conjunction with A. Martínez Díez), Madrid, Gredos, 1983 (1978); "Plutarco. Vidas Paralelas I. Teseo-Rómulo, Licurgo-Numa. Introdução, tradução e notas, Madrid, Gredos, 1985” [Plutarch: Parallel Lives I. Theseus-Romulus, Lycurgus-Numa. Introduction, translation and notes, Madrid, Gredos, 1985]; "Plutarco. Vidas Paralelas II. Solón-Publícola, Temístocles-Camilo, Pericles-Fabio Máximo." Introdução, traducão e notas, Madrid, Gredos, 1996”; [Plutrach, Parallel Lives II. Solon-Publicola, Themistocles-Camillus, Pericles-Fabius Maximus." Introduction, Translation and Notes, Madrid, Gredos, 1996]; "Cien años de investigación sobre la astrología antigua", MHNH, 1 (2001); "Influencias astrales en la fundación de ciudades y en las tareas de construcción", MHNH, 4 (2004).