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Carlos A. Martins de Jesus

Carlos A. Martins de Jesus has a PhD in Classical Studies (speciality of Greek Literature) by the University of Coimbra, and is currently working on a postdoctoral research founded by the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia, on the Greek Anthology (transmission and translation). He has a large record of published works, both books and papers in periodical publications, mostly devoted to Greek poetry and its translation into Portuguese. He is the author of the Portuguese translation of several Greek authors’ works (Archilochus, Bacchylides, Aeschylus, and Plutarch, among others), besides working continuously on classical theatre direction, both in Portugal and Spain.

Books published in Coimbra University Press:

Antologia grega, epigramas ecfrásticos (livros II e III) ("Greek Anthology, Ecphrastic Epigrams (Books II & III)")