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Carmen Soares

Carmen Soares is Associate Professor of the University of Coimbra (Faculty of Letters) and member of the Centre of Classics and Humanistic Studies of the same university. Teaching activities, research interests and publications: Classics, Ancient Greek History and Food History. Author of several books and papers and translator into Portuguese of Herodotus’ Histories (books V and VIII), Euripides (Cyclops), Plato (Statesman) and Plutarch (On Affection for Offspring).

Complete CV:

Books published in Coimbra University Press:

Redes Culturais nos Primórdios da Europa ‑ 2400 Anos da Fundação da Academia de Platão ("The early days of European Networking ‑ 2400 years from the Foundation of Plato’s Academy")

Odisseia de Sabores da Lusofonia ("Lusophone Food Odyssey")

Ensaios sobre património alimentar luso-brasileiro ("Studies on luso-brazilian food heritage")

Espaços do pensamento científico da Antiguidade

Arquéstrato, IguarIas do Mundo grego. Guia Gastronómico do Mediterrâneo Antigo ("Archestratus, delicacies from the greek World. A Gastronomic Guide of the Ancient Mediterranean")

Patrimónios Alimentares de Aquém e Além-mar ("Food Heritage on Both Sides of the Sea")