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Cláudia Andrade

She holds a Degree in Interpretation and Gestual Theatre from the Barcelona School of Theatre Studies and has a Master’s Degree in Theatre and Community from the Higher School of Theatre and Cinema.

She has worked as an actress since 1993 on a variety of projects with Meridional Theature, Cornucópia Theature, Trigo Limpo Theatre ACERT, Quarto Período-o-do-Prazer, Morcego Theatre, Théâtre de la Mezzanine, Cia Jordi Bertrán, and Próxima Estação, amongst others. She has trained with Marcia Haufrecht, Neville Tranter, Norman Taylor, Alain Gautré, Philippe Gaulier, Christophe Marchand, Claire Heggen and Monika Pagneux in a variety of areas such as movement, clowning, buffoonery, puppet manipulation, singing and dancing. She has collaborated in and initiated many educational projects at the Belém Cultural Centre (CCB), the Maria Matos Theatre and Culturgest and has also developed projects in the area of community theatre, such as Um Elo Chamado Jarmelo (in conjunction with the inhabitants of Jarmelo), Cientistas ao Palco (part of European Researchers’ Night) and Emília Inesquecível (at Santa Cruz do Bispo Prison).