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Fátima Sales

She is Auxiliary Professor at the Department of Botany of the University of Coimbra. Her main scientific interests are plant taxonomy, especially African flora, poaceae, biological databases and collections, and the flora of Portugal in a global context. Her publications include: Evolution and Adaptive Radiation in Bromus L. sect. Genea Dum. (Poaceae). PhD Thesis. University of Edinburgh, U.K.; Paiva, J., Sales, F., Hedge, I.C., Aedo, C., Aldasoro, J.J., Castroviejo, S., Herrero, A. & Velayos, M., eds (2001). Flora iberica 14. pp. 251. Real Jardin Botanico, Consejo Superior Investigaciones Cientificas. Madrid; Paiva, J. & Sales, F. (1986). “Glaucium Miller”, in: Castroviejo, S., Laínz, M., Lopez González, G., Montserrat, F., Muñoz Garmendia, F., Paiva, J. & Villar, L. (eds), Flora iberica 1: 421-423. C.S.I.C. Madrid; Paiva, J. & Sales, F. (1986). “Lychnis L” In: Castroviejo, S. et al. (eds), Flora iberica 1: 299-302. C.S.I.C. Madrid; Sales, F. & Paiva, J. (1986). “Agrostemma L”, in: Catroviejo, S. et al. (eds), Flora iberica 1: 302-304. C.S.I.C. Madrid.