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Filipe Caseiro Alves

He is Professor of Imaging at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Coimbra and Director of the Coimbra University Hospitals Imaging Clinic. Among other positions held, he was Vice-President of FNS, President of the National Association of Diagnostic Imagining Units (ANAUDI), Vice-President of the Portuguese Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Association (SPRMN) and President of the Portuguese Medical Council’s College of Radiodiagnostics.

He has participated in many research projects and has published many scientific papers, amongst which are:

Mathieu D, Coffin C, Kobeiter H, Caseiro-Alves F, et al. Unexpected MR-T1 enhancement of endocrine liver metastases with mangafodipir. JMRI 1999.

Caseiro Alves F. MR-Contrast Agents in Liver Tumors. Eur Radiol 1999; 9(4):779-780.

Coffin CM, Diche T, Mahfouz A, Alexandre M, Caseiro-Alves F, Rahmouni A, Vasile N, Mathieu D. Benign and malignant hepatocellular tumors: evaluation of tumoral enhancement after mangafodipir trisodium injection on MR imaging. Eur Radiol 1999;9(3):444-449.

Caseiro Alves F, Gonçalo M, Cruz L, Ilharco J, Leite J, Agostinho A, Castro e Sousa F, Vilaça-Ramos H. Water enema computed tomography (WE-CT) in the local staging of low colo-rectal neoplasms: comparison with transrectal ultrasound. Abdom Imaging 1998; 23:370-374.

Caseiro Alves F, Soares PB, Marques MC, Martins M, Teixeira L, Coelho P, Carvalho A, Perdigoto R, Santos R, Castro e Sousa F. “Liver tumor detection on cirrhosis: comparison of non-enhanced, SPIO-enhanced MRI and lipiodol-CT”. J Hepatol 1998, suppl 1,28:89.

Books published in Coimbra University Press:

Curso de imagiologia clínica (DVD) (“Course in Clinical Imaging” – DVD)