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Francesc Casadesús Bordoy

Francesc Casadesús Bordoy is professor of Greek Philosophy at the University of the Balearic Islands, and president of the Iberian Society of Greek Philosophy (SIFG). He has translated the Criton, the Sophist and the Statesman of Plato into Spanish and, as chief investigator of diverse research projects, has carried out numerous studies related to the Mysterious, orphic and Dionisyan religions and their connection with Greek philosophy, especially Pythagorean, Heraclitean, and Platonic Philosophies.

Books published in Coimbra University Press:

Redes Culturais nos Primórdios da Europa: 2400 Anos da Fundação da Academia de Platão ("The early days of European Networking ‑ 2400 years from the Foundation of Plato’s Academy")