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Francisco de São José de Oliveira

He is Tenured Professor at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Coimbra. He was corresponding member of the of the Real Academia de Bones Letres da Catalunha, President and Treasurer of Euroclassica (Fédération Européenne des Associations de Professeurs de Langues et de Civilisations Classiques), and member of the Editorial Board of the journals Humanitas, Ágora and Máthesis, Advisor to the University of Salamanca’s journal Logo, Revista de Retórica y Teoría de la Communicación and Academic Consultant for the journal Letras from  the Pontifical University of Campinas, Brazil. He is currently preparing annotated translations of De re publica and De legibus by Cicero, of the Phoenissae by Seneca and of the letters of Pliny and Trajan. In the international context he is assisting in the production of a DVD about the teaching of Latin in the European Union (directed by P. Ieven, Belgium), and in a publication on the situation of classical languages in Europe (directed  by J. Bulwer, UK), and he heads the collaborative Europatria Project involving several European countries. He specialises in the thought and political ideas of Classical Antiquity, in the relationship between theatre and society and in the classical tradition in Portugal. Particularly noteworthy among his publications are: "Typologie de l'invective politique chez Aristophane", in: Aristophane: la langue, la scène, la cité. Actes du colloque de Toulouse, Bari, 1987, p.481-505; Idées politiques et morales de Pline l'Ancien, Coimbra, INIC, 1992, IX+438p; "Portugal", in Der Neue Pauly, Stuttgart, 2002, p.516-526; “The Greek Legacy in Portugal from its most remote Rennaissance origins”, in América Latina y lo Clásico, I vol., Santiago de Chile, 2003, p.296-305; “The taxonomy of Cicero’s constitutional forms” in: Nomos. Direito e sociedade na Antiguidade Clássica, ed. D. F. Leão, L. Rossetti, M. C. Z. Fialho, Coimbra-Madrid, 2004, p.351-367.

Books published in Coimbra University:

Violência e transgressão: uma trajetória da Humanidade ("Violence and transgression: a trajectory of Humanity")