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João Boavida

He is Full Professor at the University of Coimbra. He completed a Degree in Philosophy in 1968 with dissertation about Infinity and the Course of Pedagogical Sciences both at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Coimbra. He was a High School teacher and did a teaching internship. It was during the course of this experience that he came to realise the problems that existed in the teaching of Philosophy and made this the core of this research and study. Having specialised in Psychopedagogy at the Catholic University of Louvain, he then completed his Doctorate in Educational Sciences at the University of Coimbra, where he also presented his credentials for aggregation in the Philosophy of Education.

He has taught the following subjects: Methods and Techniques in Education, Pedagogical Psychology, Epistemology of Educational Sciences, Theory and Philosophy of Education, and Ethical and Deontological Training. He has been part of many workshops, national and international conferences as well as speaking at conferences at home and abroad.

He has had many articles published in specialist journals at boh the national and international level in the field of pedagogical assessment, teaching methods, ethics, deontology, and the epistemology and philosophy of education and has collaborated in the writing of book collections at the University of Coimbra Centre for Psychopedagogy (Almedina) and U.N.E.D. of Madrid (Dykinson), has jointly coordinated the publication of the Teoria da Educação – contributos ibéricos [“Theory of Education – Iberian contributions”] (Coimbra University Press), Educação – reconfiguração e limites das suas fronteiras e Escola: problemas e desafios [“Education – reconfiguration and the limits of his frontiers and school: problems and challenges”] (Centro de Estudso Ibéricos). Similarly, he has also published Ciências da Educação – epistemologia, identidade e perspectivas [“Science in Education – epistemology, identity and perspectives”] (Coimbra University Press), As sole author: Filosofia – do ser e do ensinar [“Philosophy – of being and of teaching”] (I.N.I.C.); Educação: objectivo e subjectivo – para uma teoria do itinerário educativo [“Education: objective and subjective: toward a theory of educational itinerary”] (Porto Editora) and Educação filosófica- sete ensaios [“Philosophical Education – seven essays”] (Coimbra University Press, 2010).

In addition to these roles, he has also been director of the journal Revista Portuguesa de Pedagogia.