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Joel Canhão

He has completed a Course of Higher Music Studies in Piano at the Lisbon Conservatory, was trained at the Gregorian Studies Centre and finished his secondary school studies at Pedro Nunes High School with a Teacher’s Course in Choral Singing for Secondary Education. His professional activity is linked to teaching in many different learning centres and with such choirs as Orfeão Escalabitano, Grupo Coral Alfredo Keil, Orfeão Académico de Coimbra and Coro dos Antigos Orfeonistas da Universidade de Coimbra. He is currently working as resident organist at the University of Coimbra. Prior to this he worked as Principal of the Infanta D. Maria Secondary School in Coimbra, Vice President of the Portuguese Friends of the Organ Association (APAO) and member of the Auditing Committee of the Portuguese Musical Education Society (APEM). In the area of music, he has published a variety of books including ones on themes such as: musical education, songs, choirs, pieces for piano and other instruments. In the literary field he has published many books under the pseudonym Mouro Serpa, in addition to other work for newspapers and magazines. Regarding his writing on the pipe organs of Coimbra, of note was his piece on the organ at the Seminário Maior (Seminary), which led to the restoration project of the organ which is now nearing completion.