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Jorge Miguel Tavares Couceiro de Sousa

He is a Teaching Assistant at the Coimbra Higher Institute of Engineering and has worked in the role of Biophysical/Biomathematical Assistant at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Coimbra and was a member of the Executive Comission of IBILI. His research interests include: medical physics (nuclear medicine and radiotherapy); medical instrumentation, radiation detectors and nuclear instrumentation and the application of new detectors to imaging systems. He has published many articles within this field namely: Contagem de fotão único correlacionada no tempo em fluorometria ocular: simulação e avaliação [“The counting of single photons correlated in time in ocular fluorometrics: simulation and assessment”, M. Couceiro, A. M. Morgado, C. M. Correia, 1998; "Commissioning and validation of treatment planning systems as part of quality assurance in radiotherapy", M. C. Lopes. M. Couceiro, C. Alves, A. Chaves, 1999; Espectroscopia de tempo de vida de fluorescência no estudo de cristalinos com catarata [“Spectroscopy in real time of fluorescence in the study of cataract crystals”], A. M. Morgado, A. Matos, J. M. Couceiro, C. M. Correia, 2000; Detecção e Quantificação de Shunts Arterio-Venosos na Microcirculação Pulmonar [“Detection and Quantificatoin of Arterio-Venous Shunts in Pulmonary Microcirculation”], M. F. Botelho, M. Couceiro, C. M. Gomes, J. J. P. Lima, 2000; Desconvolução - Detecção de Curto-Circuitos Arterio- Venosos Pulmonares [“Deconvolution – Detection of Pulmonary Arterio-Venous Short Circuits”]. M. F. Botelho, M. Couceiro, C. M. Gomes, J. J. P. Lima, M.A. Marques, M. F. Baganha, 2000.