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José António Alves

He is a Researcher at University of Minho where he is conducting research on Edmundo Curvelo.
He holds a Degree in Philosophy and a Master’s Degree in Cognitive Sciences from the Faculty of Philosophy of the Portuguese Catholic University.
He is also author of the book: Limites da Consciência. O meio segundo de atraso e a ilusão de liberdade [“Limits of Conscience: the means according to the delay and illusion of liberty”] (2013). Co-organiser of the book: Escola de Braga. A correspondência com Delfim Santos [“Braga Schools: correspondence with Delfim Santos”] (2011).
He is a grant holder from the Foundation for Science and Technology of the Ministry of Education and Science (MEC) this grant being partially financed by the European Social Fund and provided by the Portuguese Ministry of Education and Science.

Books published in Coimbra University Press:

Um génio português: Edmundo Curvelo (1913-1954) (“A Portuguese genius: Edmundo Curvelo, 1913-1954”)