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José Carlos Vieira de Andrade

He is Full Professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Coimbra where he obtained a Doctorate and presented his creditentials for aggregation in Legal and Political Sciences. He is currently supervising the teaching of theory classes in the subjects of Administrative Law I and II of the second year of the Law Degree program and the Master’s level program in Administrative Law as well as Civil Liability of Adminstration in the doctoral program. He also works as a legal adviser and is the author of a large number of legal opinions and bodies of work in the area of Constitutional Law (fundamental rights) and General Administrative Law. Among his publications are monographs such as O Dever da Fundamentação Expressa de Actos Administrativos [“The Duty of Express Fundamentation of Adminstrative Acts”] (1991), and Os Direitos Fundamentais na Constituição Portuguesa de 1976 [“Fundamental Rights in the Portuguese Constitution of 1976”] 4th Edition, 2009 (2010 reprint), and Umas Lições sobre A Justiça Administrativa [“Some lessions about Administrative Justice”], 11th edition, 2011.