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José Ribeiro Ferreira

He is Full Professor at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Coimbra. He was also the Director of the Classic Studies Institute, Director of Humanitas, and President of the Pedagogical Council. His research areas centre on Literary Studies – Classic Languages, Literatures, History and culture. He has published several books on these themes namely: Hélade e Helenos I – Génese e evolução de um conceito ["Hellas and the Hellenes I – Genesis and evolution of a concept”] (1st edition), Coimbra, 1983; O Drama de Filoctetes [“The drama of Philoctetes”], Instituto de Estudos Clássicos, Centro de Estudos Clássicos e Humanísticos, Coimbra, 1989; A Democracia na Grécia Antiga: Sociedade e Política [“Ancient Greek Democracy: Politics and Society”], Coimbra, 1990; Manuel Alegre: Ulisses ou os caminhos de Eterna Busca [“Manuel Alegre: Ulysses or the roads of Eternal Search”], Coimbra, 2001.