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Leontina Ventura

She is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Coimbra and is a member of the Social and Economic History Institute. She concluded her Doctorate in 1993 with a thesis on A Nobreza de Corte de Afonso III [“Nobility in the Court of King Afonso III”]. Since then her research has focused on the study of local nobility and aristocrats. Amongst her published works are several studies on local families that were part of the nobility or aristocracy, namely the Aboim/Portel, the Briteiros (co-written), the Portocarreiros and the Rabaldes families. She collaborated in Nova História de Portugal [“The New History of Portugal”] (dir. Joel Serrão and A.H. de Oliveira Marques), (vol.3.) Lisbon, 1996; As comunicações na Idade Média [“Communications in the Middle Ages”], edited by Maria Helena da Cruz Coelho, Lisbon, 2002; Inventário do Museu Nacional de Machado de Castro. Colecção de ourivesaria medieval, séculos XII-XV [“The Inventory of the National Museum Machado de Castro, Medieval jewellery collection (12th-15th centuries)”], Lisbon, 2003. Her latest work is a biography of D.Afonso III, which was published by Círculo de Leitores (2006). She has also devoted her attentions to the medieval history of Coimbra and the publishing of sources. The following books are of particular interest: Livro Preto da Sé de Coimbra [“The Black Book of the Sé de Coimbra”] (1978-1980) and O Livro Santo de Santa Cruz [“The Holy Book of Santa Cruz”] (1990).