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Luís G. Arnaut

He was Full Professor at the Chemistry Department of the University of Coimbra, and was awarded the Gulbeinkian Science Prize in 1994. Not only did he lead several research projects but also took part in others (on at least a 50% basis). He supervises doctoral theses and amongst the several works he published are: "Chemical Kinetics" L. G. Arnaut, S. J. Formosinho, H. D. Burrows, Elsevier, Amesterdão (Holland), in press, 2006; O Tempo de Química- Física [“The time of Chemistry-Physics”]- Tempo e Ciência [“Time and Chemistry”], R. Fausto, R. Marnoto 8Eds.), Gradiva, Lisbon, 2006, 69-79; Cinética Química [“Chemistry kinetics”], S. J. Formosinho, L. G. Arnaut, Coimbra University Press, 2003; "Homogeneous Proton Transfer Photocatalysis", L. G. Arnaut, S. J. Formosinho, M. Chanon (Eds.), J. Wiley & Sons, Sussex, 1997, 55-96; J. Photochem. Photobiol. A: Chem., número especial "Photoinduced Electron Transfer Reactions" L. G. Arnaut (guest editor); Elsevier: Lausanne (Switzerland), 1994.