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Luís Alves de Fraga

He is a Graduate of the Military Academy (1965), with a Degree in Social-Political Sciences from ISCSP-UTL (1977), a Master’s Degree in Strategy from ISCSP (1991) and a Doctorate in History from the Autonomous University of Lisbon (2009). He was formerly a teacher at the Air Force Academy (1985-1996) and he has been an Auxiliary Professor at the Autonomous University of Lisbon since 1992. He is a member of the Scientific Council of the Portuguese Commission on Military History. Apart from editing school notes in the institutions he worked, he has published dozens of essays on History in Symposium and Conference minutes and collective works. He is the author of the following books: O Fim da Ambiguidade: A Estratégia Nacional Portuguesa de 1914–1916 [“The end of ambiguity: The Portuguese National Strategy 1914-1916”] (Universitária, 2001); Reflexões Sobre o Mundo Actual: Problemas Sociais Contemporâneos [“Reflections on today’s World: Contemporary Social Problems”] (Campo das Letras, 2001); Guerra & Marginalidade: O Comportamento das Tropas Portuguesas em França: 1917-1918 [“War & Marginality: Portuguese troops behaviour in France: 1917-1918”] (Foreword, 2003); A Força Aérea na Guerra em África: Angola, Guiné e Moçambique: 1961-1974 [“The Air Force in the African War: Angola, Guinea and Mozambique: 1961-1974”] (Foreword, 2004); General Tomás Garcia Rosado: O Outro Comandante do C.E.P.: França: 1918-1919 [“General Tomás Garcia Rosado: The other C.E.P. Commander: France: 1918-1919”] (Foreword, 2006).