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Pascal Thiercy

He teaches Greek Language and Literature at the University of Brest, and is a specialist in Ancient Theatre, on which he published several studies, namely Aristophane: Fiction et Dramaturgie (Belles Lettres, Paris, 1987, Pierre-Brisson award). Aristophane à l’ancienne Comédie (PUF, Que sais-je?, Paris, 1999), La Tragédie grecque (PUF, Que sais-je?, Paris, 2000), and the edition of Théâtre complet d’Arisphane dans la Bibliothéque de La Pléiade (Gallimard, 1997). He is also a stage director, President of the French Institute of Ancient Theatre (I.F.T.A.) and Director of Ancient Theatre Studies and Performance (C.E.R.T.A.).