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Paulo Bernardino

He holds a Degree in Electrotechnical Engineering (1998) from the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Coimbra and in Sacred Music from the Portuguese Catholic University (2003). He has also studied in the Jeroen Bosch School of Music and in the Schola Cantorum of the Sint Jan Cathedral, which are both located in the city of Hertogenbosch. He completed his music training at Coimbra Music Conservatory (2005). He is the Artistic Director of the “Organ +” cycle promoted by the Presidency of the University of Coimbra and regularly takes part in concerts, performances and festivals. He is currently enrolled in a Doctorate in Music at the University of Aveiro, and elsewhere he has been directing the Coro dos Pequenos Cantores de Coimbra [Coimbra Small Singers Choir] (since 2006), he teaches at the Piaget Institute (ESE-Gaia) and the Diocesan School of Sacred Music in Coimbra, and finally is the head organist at Coimbra Cathedral and at the Chapel of the University of Coimbra.