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Paulo Henrique Martins

He holds a Doctorate in Sociology from the University of Paris I, Sorbonne and he has a Post-Doctoral Diploma from the University of Paris II, Nanterre. He is Assistant Professor in the Social Sciences Department at the Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE) and founder and coordinator of the Núcleo de Cidadania, Exclusão e Processos de Mudança (NUCEM) [Study Group for Citizenship, Exclusion and Process of Change”].

He also collaborates with MAUSS (Mouvement Anti-Utilitariste dans les Sciences Sociales). His recet efforts have been directed at the rethinking of public policies in the context of globalization, the crises of the State, and the emergence of a complex civil society. In recent years he has contributed to the strengthening of the studies in the sociology of health in Brazil, and has fought for State and public policy reform in this area.