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Sérgio Neto

He is a graduate in History at the Faculty of Letters at the University of Coimbra (2009) receiving the highest final mark in his class and winning the Engº António de Almeida award. He is a researcher at the Centre for 20th Century Interdisciplinary Studies (CEIS20). He completed a Master’s degree in Contemporary History (2007) and is studying for a Doctorate in Advanced Contemporary Studies at the University of Coimbra. He teaches at the secondary school level and has been carrying out a research on the cultural and political history of Cape Verde since 2001. He was awarded the Estímulo à Investigação [“Research Incentive”] prize in 2001 from the Science Services of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation to pursue the topic of “Colonialism and Post-Colonialism in the Portuguese speaking countries”. The result of this research was published in several articles.