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Sónia Guadalupe

She is a social worker and holds a Degree from the Instituto Superior Social in Coimbra (1995). She has a Master’s Degree in Family and Social Systems and her dissertation is entitled Singularidade das redes e redes da singularidade, Rede social pessoal e saúde mental [“The Singularity of networks and networks of singularity, Personal social networks and mental health”]. She holds a Doctorate in Mental Health from the Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas Abel Salazar at the University of Porto with her dissertation entitled, A saúde mental e o apoio social na família do doente oncológico [“Mental health and social support in the cancer patient’s family”].

She teaches at the Instituto Superior Miguel Torga in Coimbra in both the Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree programmes in Social Work, and in the Clinic Psychology Master’s degree programme specializing in the field of Family and Systemic Interventions. Amongst some of the classes she has taught are “Intervention in Families and Social Networks”, “Systemics,” and “Intervention in a Network and Multisystemic Networks”. Her studies have been centred on themes related to social support networks in vulnerable populations.