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Vilém Flusser

He was born 12 May 1920 in Prague, Czech Republic. In 1939 he enrolled in a Philosophy Degree Course at Carolingia University, however in that very same year the threat of Nazism forced him to seek refuge in England and then in 1940 to Brazil. After 1959 he taught Philosophy of Science at universities and research institutes in São Paulo. He has had several essays published, especially in Suplemento Literário of São Paulo State and has published his first books. He left Brazil in 1972 because he disagreed with the Military Regime and began living in a small town in the south of France. He remained intellectually active, writing essays, books and gives talks in several countries and became known as a philosopher on the media. On 26 November 1991 he was involved in a fatal car accident near Prague, where he had returned for the first time in 52 years to give a talk on neonazism.