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Vox Ætherea

Comprising only women, the Vox Ætherea choir was founded in 1999 to promote the performance of choral repertoire for women’s voices, the least developed musical expression in the Coimbra region. Within this framework it prioritizes choral sacred music, from Gregorian chant to contemporary music, either a capella or performed with instrumental music. Vox Ætherea has been part of many projects and festivals, namely in the Coimbra region, as well as concerts all over the country. Its current members are: Ana Teresa Leitão, Beatriz Seiça, Helena Gonçalves, Joana Abreu, Lígia Carvalho, Manuela Gerardo, Maria de Fátima Carvalho, Maria Manuel Carvalho, Paulina Santos, Rita Crista, Rita Simões and Susana Aires. The choir has been directed since its founding by Alberto Medina Seiça.