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Procedures for presentation of proposals

  1.  All proposals should be presented in writing to the press director ( and should include a detailed plan of the writing project clearly indicating its size (approximate number of characters) and other characteristics (images, graphs, tables, etc...), and an evaluation of the number of agents potentially interested in acquisition of the book, and possible source of financing, internal (e.g. through research centers) or external to the University of Coimbra. A delivery date for the work should be indicated in the case the proposal is approved. That is, a complete and final version of the work delivered to UCP (digital and hard copy); disregard of this deadline will result in suspension of the project.

  2. The proposal will be accompanied by the delivery of the complete version of the text (in conformity to the publication regulations of the UPC) and the author's actualized, digital, curriculum vitae, and the author must fill in and sign a document certifying delivery of the original texts. Fiscal and citizen identity numbers, details concerning the information left in the care of UCP (support for presentation, type of publication, target audience, language, number of pages and images/graphs/tables, a brief abstract of the work) and an indication of possible sponsors of the publication under consideration (and, if possible an estimate of the contribution of each sponsor). The Coimbra University Press will not return printed versions of the proposals it receives.

  3. The texts must be submitted with signed Authorial Declaration and Publication Authorization forms.

  4. During the meeting, the author candidate will be informed of the series and collections published by UCP and without delay reach an agreement with the press directors on which of these editorial lines his/her work will be integrated in the case his/her work wins approval. This choice includes acceptance of the cover design, graphics and typeface of the series or collection chosen as most suitable for integration of the author's work.

  5. All works must be approved by the Editorial Council and then will be subject to rigorous, external scientific arbitration, thus authorial candidates are advised to take into serious consideration all suggestions made by the Editorial Council, in terms of the quality, originality and relevance of the proposed project.

  6. The UCP Editorial Council will give priority to publication of university level textbooks and over time will seek a greater balance of representation for the diverse subjects through the UCP catalogue. Thus, the areas that are currently most poorly represented will be given greater attention.

  7. Except for exceptional cases, publication of master’s and doctoral thesis (these being digitally available in the central repository of General Studies) and the acts of highly specialized seminars will be avoided. 

  8. After a publication has been approved and any revisions requested by exterior peer review have been made, a publishing contract will be prepared and the author may then accompany the publishing process. Full revision of the first proofs is the sole responsibility of the author, with UCP assuming responsibility for subsequent revisions. When deemed necessary, UCP may ask the author for revision of second or third trials. 

  9. If, during the aforementioned process an author wants to change, to any degree, the contents of their work, UCP will consider this an interruption of the process, obliging a return to the initial point as if, in effect, dealing with a new proposal for publication. UCP reserves the right of repayment for any expenditure associated with the process of production of a work until the interruption of the process (particularly services of pagination).

  10. The author of a work is responsible for its index. UCP will provide the author with a final paginated copy, so the author may identify the pages corresponding to each selected entry.

  11. All the images to be inserted in a publication must be provided by the author with minimum production quality of: 300 DPI and in TIFF format. They must be accompanied by their respected credits and a declaration authorizing their usage. Graphics should be submitted in vector format (Illustrator or Freehand) with equations in EPS format using the Mathtype equation.

  12. UCP estimates the production time of a routine publication to be between four and eight months, counting from the time of publication approval until the final version.

  13. A copy of these regulations will be given to the authors at their first meeting with the UCP directors and a signed copy will be kept by UCP.

Approved in the Editorial Council meeting of the University of Coimbra Press, 16 April, 2009.