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A Escola de Farmácia de Coimbra (1902-1911) (“The Coimbra School of Pharmacy, 1902-1911”)

A Escola de Farmácia de Coimbra (1902-1911)

Author: João Rui Pita
Language: Portuguese
ISBN: 978-989-8074-69-0
Digital ISBN: 978-989-26-0163-2
Publisher: Coimbra University Press
Date: November 2009
Price: 13,65 €
Size: 240 mm x 170 mm
N.º Pages: 288


The 1902 reform of the pharmaceutical curriculum profoundly altered the way in which Portuguese pharmacists were trained, changing a system that had persisted, with some modifications, since the Passos Manuel Reform of 1836. The controversial 1902 reform, in force until 1911, not only reformed the curriculum but also the Schools of Pharmacy in Coimbra, Porto and Lisbon. With the 1902 reform, pharmaceutical education was considered a degree course for the first time, and the curriculum was organized to bring it into line with other higher education courses. It helped consolidate the pharmacist’s professional status and scientific, professional and ethical responsibility, and also paved the way for future reforms. This work presents the results of the author’s previously unpublished research into the teaching of pharmacy and the University of Coimbra’s School of Pharmacy between 1902 and 1911, divulging a series of documents that are important for the understanding of pharmaceutical education in the University of Coimbra and Portugal as a whole.