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Rotas da Natureza. Cientistas, Viagens, Expedições, Instituições (“Routes of nature: scientists, voyages, expeditions, institutions”)


Editors: João Rui Pita; Ana Leonor Pereira
Language: Português
ISBN: 978-989-8074-12-6
Digital ISBN: 978-989-26-0469-5
Publisher: Coimbra University Press
Date: 2006
Price: 20,00 €
Size: 240 mm x 170 mm
N.º pages: 300


This work brings together papers presented at the conference “Routes of Nature: Scientists, Voyages, Expeditions and Institutions”, whose Advisory Board includes respected names such as Prof. Ana Luísa Janeira (Portugal); Prof. Ana Goldfarb (Brazil); Prof. Celina Lertora (Argentina); Prof. Javier Puerto (Spain); Prof. Márcia Ferraz (Brazil); Prof. Patrice Bret (France); Prof. Patricia Aceves Pastrana (Mexico). This was an international conference with speakers from various countries in Europe, Latin America and the Far East. It marked 10 years of the foundation of the Exchange Network for History and Epistemology of Chemical and Biological Sciences (RIHECQB) and was considered the 12th International Conference of RIHECQB.