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Editorial Policy

To achieve the objectives set out in the "Regulation" of the University of Coimbra Press, the following general principles of editorial policy will be observed:

  1. The activity of the CUP will be mainly implemented in the cultural, artistic, scientific and educational areas. 
  2. The objective of the CUP is to publish works that represent an added value of an educational and/or scientific nature and that fall within the editorial objectives of the Press. 
  3. Priority will be given to works of a pedagogic/didactic nature, in particular to guides on university education. 
  4. Publications will be organised in series with a broad scope and appropriately named (e.g. Education, Research, Documents), and in collections (e.g. "The State of Art")
  5. The series will have distinctive elements.
  6. Works for publication will reach the CUP through a public request to submit works or by invitation to authors to write texts on topics deemed relevant, taking the editorial objectives of the Press into account. The field of translation of basic works (reference or teaching) not yet published or in need of revision will also be encouraged.
  7. Publications will normally be in Portuguese. Foreign languages will be used depending on the author and distribution area likely to be reached.
  8. The absolute and relative merit of the works to be published will be assessed by persons (at least two, for each work) of acknowledged competence in the area covered by the work in question. Such persons may be provided from the University of Coimbra or from other Portuguese of foreign institutions.
  9. CUP publications are normally subject to the establishment of a cover price. Production should be profitable and take into account the conditions of the specific book market. The best forms of distribution and marketing will be sought (contracts, partnerships and/or direct distribution).
  10. The CUP may establish protocols with other commercial or university publishers with a view to improving development in the target markets.
  11. The CUP will compile a general catalog of the publications available for marketing.
  12. Coimbra University has a store where the various CUP and University of Coimbra publications are displayed for sale to the public, along with other works deemed relevant in the scientific areas opf courses taught at the university.