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The amendment of the Regulation of the Coimbra University Press was approved by majority, by resolution of the Senate no. 39/2006, at the session of 1 February 2006.


The Coimbra University Press is an institution whose history honours our University, which it served from the end of the 18th century to the mid-1930s. The royal charter confirming its first rules is dated 9 January 1790. And the Estado Novo (New State) decree-law (Decree Law no. 24.124, regulation by Decree Law no. 24.440, of 29 August 1934) which abolished the Coimbra Univesity Press is dated 30 June 1934, when it's Director was Dr. Joaquim de Carvalho, an eminent Professor of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. Under the bylaws drafted under the University Autonomy Law (Law no. 108/88 of 24 September), the University of Coimbra decided to reactivate its University Press, whose aims are set out in Article 28 of the bylaws. Coimbra University Press (hereinafter University Press) is governed by this regulation.

Article 1

  1. In accordance with the general lines of scientific, cultural and educational policy laid down by the competent governing bodies of the University, the University Press has a specific mission:

     a) to define and implement the editorial policy of the University;
     b) to programme, coordinate and supervise the publication of works of cultural, scientific and educational interest;
     c) to develop activities and promote initiatives of a cultural, scientific, educational and promotional nature, consistent with its ends.

2.  To achieve its objectives. the University Press may enter into agreements, protocols or cooperation agreements with similar institutions and other entities, whether public or private.

Article 2

  1. The University Press is an establishment that has its own budget.
  2. On a proposal from the rector, the Senate can assign financial autonomy to the University Press.

Article 3

The University Press may establish relations with the organisational units, establishments and services of the University of Coimbra or with any institutions or entities, public or private, whose cooperation is deemed necessary to accomplish its statutory tasks.

Article 4

1.  The bodies of the University Press are:
     a) The Director
     b) The Editorial Board

2.  The Director is assisted in duties by a Deputy Director.

Article 4-A

  1. The Deputy Director is appointed and dismissed by the Rector, on the recommendation of the Director.
  2. The Deputy Director receives a supplement for exercising management duties pursuant to Article 2(1)(i) of Decree-Law 388/90 of 10 February.

Article 5

  1. The Rector or Vice-Rector appointed by the Rector oversees the action of the University Press and may convene the Editorial Board and chairs its meetings, when deemed necessary.
  2. The Rector recommends the appointment of the Director of the University Press to the Senate for a four-year term which ends when the Rector making the appointment leaves office.

Article 6

The Director of the University Press shall:

     a) convene the Editorial Board and chair its meetings;
     b) coordinate the task of establishing the editorial policy of the University;
     c) ensure the implementation of the publishing plan of the University Press and the activities and initiatives undertaken under Article 1(1)(c) of this regulation;
     d) ensure the distribution, sale and exchange of publications;
     e) draft and submit to the Rector the annual and multi-annual plan of activities, the annual activity report, the draft budget and management accounts;
     f) exercise the powers assigned to her/him by the Senate or the Rector.

Article 7

The Editorial Board shall:

     a) give an opinion on the broad lines of the editorial policy of the University Press;
     b) give an opinion on the criteria that should govern the commissioning of works for publication;      
     c) deliver opinions on the merits of works to be published ;      
     d) indicate experts who could cooperate in fulfilling the provision os paragraph (c) above;      
     e) give an opinion on other matters that may be submitted for its consideration, within the jurisdiction of the University Press.

Article 8

1.  The members of the Editorial Board are:

     a) the Director of the University Press;
     b) a lecturer indicated by the Scientific Committee or equivalent body of each of the University's organisational units;
     c) two members of Senate elected in plenary, one of whom is a student;
     d) two members appointed by the Rector.

2.  Members of the Editorial Board serve for a period of four years, except for the student for whom the period is two years.

Article 9

Ordinary meetings of the Editorial Board are held once every quarter and extraordinary meetings take place whenever convened by the Rector or the Director, on their own initiative or at the request of one third of its members.

Article 10

The revenues of the Coimbra University Press are:

     a) the funds allocated to it;
     b) revenues derived from the provision of services and the proceeds from the sale of publications it has published;
     c) income from its own assets over which it has the usufruct;
     d) interest from deposit accounts;
     e) subsidies. grants, contributions, donations, bequests or legacies from public or private, domestic or foreign, entities;
     f) management account balances from previous years;
     g) those assigned to it by law, contract or any other process.

Article 11

1.  The University Press shall have a Support Office whose employees, appointed by the Rector on recommendation of the Director, will be incorporated in the staff of the Rectory and University Central Services.

2.  The Support Office shall:

     a) carry out the work needed to fulfill the objectives of the University Press stated in Article 1(1) of this regulation;
     b) carry out the secretarial and routine office work of the bodies of the University Press;
     c) keep the accounts up to date and prepare the management accounts.

Article 12

The University Press will use the insignia of the University of Coimbra as its official stamp, with the words "Coimbra / Imprensa da Universidade" appearing beneath it.

Article 13

As soon as this Regulation enters into force, the Rector will ask the organisational units to indicate within one month the lecturers who will be members of the Editorial Board pursuant to Article 8(b).

Article 14

This Regulation shall enter into force once approved by the Senate.