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University's Tower

Torre da Universidade 2
Torre da Universidade

The Tower is the image brand of the University and the city of Coimbra. Designed by the Italian architect Antonio Cannevari, it was built between 1728 and 1733, replacing the old 16th century tower Jean de Rouen erected (1561).

Its distinct shape results from one of the original purposes - to serve as an astronomical observation site, hence the “roofless” top, uncommon in other similar towers around the world. With 34 meters in height it dominates the landscape around her.

The University’s daily life has always been regulated by the bells of the tower, the oldest being from 1561. By tradition the bells always went 15 minutes behind the other clock towers of the city, in order not to confuse the inhabitants and students regarding their daily obligations and duties.

The University Tower was recently the subject of an intervention in its structure that allows visitors to travel to its top and enjoy rich, a unique view over the city of Coimbra.

Important Note: for safety reasons the Tower is closed on bad weather days and the children children under 6 years old are not allowed inside. The visit is not advisable to people suffering from heart diseases, vertigo or claustrophobia.