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Activities supported by Promotion of Scientific Culture initiative run until the end of the academic year

Support for the Promotion of Scientific Culture awarded ten interdisciplinary activities in its second edition

22 october, 2021≈ 3 min read

The ten interdisciplinary events and activities selected through UC's Promotion of Scientific Culture initiative are already in progress and will run until the end of the academic year (2021-2022). The winning applications, whose results were announced last July, were selected for their ability to put into dialogue different areas of knowledge of the UC research centres and to transmit their knowledge to civil society.

The initiative is in its second edition, and was launched, in 2019, from the reformulation of the Cultural Week of the University of Coimbra, with the creation of the theatre and performing arts cycle Mimesis and the music cycle Orphika. The programme is coordinated by the University's Institute of Interdisciplinary Research (iiiUC), awarding proposals that put interdisciplinarity into practice and reach the general public, as highlighted by the Vice-Rector for Research and 3rd Cycle and Director of IIIUC, Cláudia Cavadas: "This is a way of asking researchers to join interdisciplinary teams and talk about that research using innovative forms of communication, allowing their research work to be carried out in the laboratories and libraries of the University of Coimbra to reach the general public."

In 2021, the activities involve 17 research centres, of the 38 existing in the University. Besides the increased number of centres participating, the growing interdisciplinarity of the proposals submitted also stands out. As pointed out by the Vice-Rector for Culture and Open Science of UC, Delfim Leão, the project strengthens the ties between scientists and society: "These events promote interdisciplinary dialogue between the various research centres, but also involve society in general. This accentuates the social relevance of the research that is developed, but also challenges scientists by drawing attention to the needs of society, which can affect and transform the way of doing science. From this dialogue of knowledge comes a richer and more useful result for society itself".

The list with the 10 selected activities and events and their respective dates is available on this link:

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