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Beta release of the multilingual open science platform GoTriple is launched

The discovery platform, developed by the TRIPLE project, is a service that focuses on the Social Sciences and Humanities

18 october, 2021≈ 5 min read

It is officially launched on this Monday, October 18, the Beta version of the discovery platform for the Social Sciences and Humanities, GoTriple. The platform provides a single access point for the discovery and reuse of research resources relevant to a variety of disciplines under the umbrella domain of the Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH): publications and research data, project descriptions and researcher profiles are automatically imported from aggregators and source providers, semantically enriched and linked to GoTriple.

The platform allows users to:

- Discover and reuse academic resources from the Social Sciences and Humanities in nine European languages (Croatian, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish), which are currently scattered across local and discipline-specific repositories;

- Find and connect with other researchers and projects across disciplinary, cultural and language boundaries;

- Make use of innovative tools and services to support research, visualisation of search results, web annotation, personalised recommendations and social networking;

- Explore new forms of research funding, such as crowdfunding.

Watch the video presentation of the platform.

Features of the Beta Release

The first prototype of the GoTriple platform already contains over 6 million items (currently publications) available to be explored.

The platform currently allows multilingual searches, which means that the user can find publications in a specific language using keywords in one of the nine languages supported on the platform.

Other features available in the Beta launch are: searching publications and authors, filtering results by publication type, author, year and discipline, as well as accessing the original document page to download available items.

You can also take an early glimpse of some of the platform's innovative services, such as:

- The Visual Discovery System, which allows you to have an overview of your search results and analyse research trends;

- A first version of the Recommendation System, which currently provides users with personalised recommendations on publications related to their search queries.

The platform will be open for usability testing before the end of 2021, and all members of the SSH community will be warmly invited to review the platform and provide feedback. If you would like to be informed about the possibility of testing the platform, please become a member of the TRIPLE project user community and subscribe to the TRIPLE community mailing list.

Next steps

The release of the Beta+ version, expected in March 2022, will have a more stable front and back end, allowing searches by databases, research projects and researchers' profiles, on top of publications. The GoTriple platform will also offer more functionalities related to the innovative services, such as the Annotation System, the Trust Building System and the Crowdfunding Platform.

About the project

The GoTriple platform is developed as part of TRIPLE, a project funded under the Horizon 2020 Framework with approximately €5.6 million for a duration of 42 months (2019-2023). It will be the Discovery Service of OPERAS, the Research Infrastructure supporting open scholarly communication in the Social Sciences and Humanities in the European Research Area. The platform is designed to be integrated and to enrich the services of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) for the Social Sciences and Humanities communities. The University of Coimbra is a member of the OPERAS infrastructure and the TRIPLE project.

In the coming months, the TRIPLE project team will provide updates on the platform specifications, plans for content ingestion and innovative services.

For more detailed information, visit the TRIPLE project website at

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