Female scientists in focus: Coimbra receives first edition of SoapBox Science

The event taking place on 23 November will highlight 12 scientists from the UC; registrations are open until 16 September

08 september, 2022≈ 3 min read

Promoting women and their science is the focus of the global science communication initiative SoapBox Science, whose first edition in the city of Coimbra will take place on 23 November. The initiative transforms public places, such as parks, streets and beaches into an arena of public learning and scientific debate.

The first edition in Coimbra, organized by the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research (iiiUC) of the UC, will highlight 12 female scientists from the University. In the initiative, the scientists are challenged to climb a wooden box and, without a microphone, present their research in a simple and understandable way through the streets of Coimbra, from Alta to Baixa. Those interested in participating should submit their proposal through this form until September 16, 5 pm.

In the registration, scientists must present their scientific area, choose in which language they would like to make their presentation, provide a brief career biography in up to 600 characters, the link to their profile page (CienciaVitae, Orcid, etc), social networks, and present their motivation to be a speaker at SoapBox Science, with a brief description of the content of the presentation (up to 200 characters).

The Coimbra edition of SoapBox Science wants to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy, learn, question, interact and be inspired by the UC female scientists. As Ana Santos Carvalho, science communication coordinator of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research (iiiUC) highlights, it will be an opportunity for dialogue between scientists and for learning more about science communication. "Our researchers should apply to SoapBox because they will have not only the opportunity to meet other researchers from other scientific areas, but also the opportunity to improve their communication skills to the general public, and thus be better able to participate in more science communication opportunities in the future".

Access the official website of the initiative SoapBox Science Coimbra through this link.