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International conference addresses discovery in the Social Sciences and Humanities

The event will discuss topics ranging from the search for publications to new funding models for science

07 october, 2021≈ 3 min read

From 22-24 November, the first international conference of the TRIPLE project takes place, entitled "Empowering discovery in open social sciences and humanities". The event will take place in an online format, and aims to create a space for discussion about the impact, benefits and challenges of discovery services for the Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) in the European research ecosystem.

The program will focus on the innovative, multilingual and multicultural discovery solution GoTriple, a platform that is being developed under the TRIPLE project with the OPERAS consortium, integrated by the University of Coimbra. The first mock-ups and functionalities of the service will be presented during the conference, and participants are invited to share their feedback about the application.

Throughout the conference, the following topics will also be discussed:

- The online search for academic publications;

- The search for research projects on topics of interest;

- How to find and establish contact with researchers with similar interests;

- Business models and crowdfunding in SSH.

The TRIPLE international conference aims to bring together members of the Open Science and Social Sciences and Humanities communities, as well as stakeholders such as publishers, science journalists, small and medium-sized enterprises, public authorities and policy makers.

The event is organised by IBL Pan, one of the project partners. The TRIPLE consortium has 19 partners in 13 European countries and is one of the dedicated services of OPERAS, the research infrastructure supporting open scholarly communication in the social sciences and humanities in the European Research Area. UC is one of the members of the infrastructure and is part of its Executive Assembly, as well as being a partner of the TRIPLE project.

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What: TRIPLE conference - Empowering discovery in the social sciences and humanities

When: From 22-24 November, afternoon slots, online

Detailed programme: here

Registration form: here