International survey on Open Access Books: take part

PALOMERA project, integrated by UC, wants to understand why there are so few policies for Open Access books

06 september, 2023≈ 3 min read

Academic books continue to play an important role in academic production, particularly in the social sciences and humanities. However, until now, academic books have not been a focal point for policy-makers when it comes to Open Access. The PALOMERA project, funded by the European Union and integrated by the UC, addresses this challenge. The project lasts two years and, already in its first phase, has carried out extensive data collection on the needs, obstacles and challenges of developing policies for books.

As a follow-up to this work, the project has launched a Europe-wide survey to better understand the needs, challenges and gaps in policy-making for Open Access books. The survey is available in English (access it via this link) and can be filled in until 15 September.

PALOMERA aims to collect contributions from all those interested in openness processes in science, as well as the most diverse stakeholders involved with the topic, including:

  • National or regional policy makers
  • Research funding organisations
  • Universities and other research organisations
  • Publishers (national or international)
  • Libraries
  • Infrastructure providers
  • Academic/learning societies
  • University libraries
  • University publishers
  • Academic-led publishing initiatives
  • Individual researchers (also those without any affiliation)
  • Scientific societies
  • Open access and open science enthusiasts

More information

Find out more about the PALOMERA project's objectives and updates:

Based on the data provided by the survey results, PALOMERA will provide actionable recommendations for the development of open access book policies at European, national and institutional levels.

By participating in this survey, you will be making a contribution to the research needed to accelerate the transformation of the Open Access book market in Europe.