Open Access Books are the theme of three online events in May and June

PALOMERA project aims to bring together publishers, librarians and service providers to discuss funding policies

Lorena Caliman
11 may, 2023≈ 4 min read

Why do so few Open Access funding policies include books? How can we change this? The PALOMERA project, a two-year initiative funded by the Horizon Europe programme, seeks to answer these questions and provide practical recommendations. The project, which started in January this year, launches three free, online events in May and June that will engage three different types of stakeholders: publishers, librarians and infrastructure providers.

The events are part of the PALOMERA Series, organised by the Open Access Books Network (OABN), one of the project's members. The series of events provides a forum for all those interested in Open Access book publishing to participate in the project through the OABN, contribute with their knowledge and experience as the project progresses, and provide feedback to help shape the outcomes and recommendations developed in the project.

The events take place on 16 and 17 May (publishers and librarians) and 12 June (infrastructure providers) with the aim of discussing the opportunities and challenges that Open Access book funding policies present for the work of each of these groups:

> Tuesday 16 May, 15h00 (Lisbon time) | 16h00 CEST: a 90-minute session of PALOMERA Series engagement with publishers. Sign up here.

> Wednesday, 17th May, 3 pm (Lisbon time) | 4 pm CEST: A 90-minute PALOMERA Series engagement session with librarians. Sign up here.

> Monday 12th June, 3 pm (Portugal) | 4 pm CEST: A 90-minute PALOMERA Series engagement session with infrastructure providers. Sign up here.

More about PALOMERA

PALOMERA stands for Policy Alignment of Open Access Monographs in the European Research Area, and the project brings together 16 partners from countries across Europe, co-led by OAPEN and OPERAS.

PALOMERA runs from January 2023 to December 2024 and is funded by Horizon Europe as part of its Reforming and enhancing the European R&I System call.

The project will:

  • Collect and analyse a wide variety of data sources related to open access book publishing and funder policies across geographies, languages, economies, and disciplines within the European Research Area (ERA), creating a Knowledge Base that will structure and make available knowledge to explain the challenges and bottlenecks that hold back open access to academic books.
  • Create a forum for funders to focus specifically on OA books and related issues.
  • Produce actionable recommendations and resources to support funder and institutional policies for OA books, with the overall objective of speeding up the transition to open access for books.
  • Address all relevant stakeholders (research funders and institutions, researchers, publishers, infrastructure providers, libraries, and national policymakers), facilitating co-creation and validation events throughout the project to ensure that the views and voices of all relevant stakeholders are represented.