Portuguese infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities launches workshop series

Take part in the training sessions taking place on 12 September (in person) and between 14 and 15 September (online)

08 september, 2023≈ 3 min read

The Rossio infrastructure - Portuguese node of the Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities (DARIAH) - promotes a series of training sessions in September to foster community capacity building and the use of the services available on its portal. Two training cycles will be held from next week, on 12 September (in person) and between 14 and 15 September (online).

In total, four workshops will be offered, where the ROSSIO Portal will be introduced and experienced, both in terms of research and content creation. The workshops are aimed at researchers, teachers and students in higher education, primary, secondary and vocational school teachers, as well as technicians from scientific and cultural institutions, tourism and creative industries professionals. The courses are also open to the entire academic community.

Registration for both Training Cycles is free (although compulsory) and participation will be certified upon prior request. You can find more information and links to enrol for each cycle on the ROSSIO website.

Access the full Workshop Series programme poster via this link.

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Full programme and registration link: here.

Workshop Series programme poster

Workshop Series programme brochure