Rómulo - Centro de Ciência Viva of UC provides bibliography on Epidemics and Microorganisms

The documents listed are available in its library and other UC libraries

29 september, 2020≈ 3 min read

This September, Rómulo - Centro de Ciência Viva da UC [Center for 'Live Science' at UC] made available a bibliographic list on Epidemics and Microorganisms, in order to assist research on the subject, which has attracted greater importance since the pandemic of COVID-19, declared in March this year. The list was drawn up from documents available both in Rómulo library and in other UC libraries.

The list of references, constituted of 16 pages, is divided between sources that are located in the Rómulo catalog, monographs available in other UC libraries - with the indication of the specific library in which each reference is found -, and a final section with articles and reprints in the UC libraries, also informing about each location.

The list was prepared in accordance with NP 405 and is organized in chronological (most recent to oldest) and alphabetical order. The work was prepared by Maria João Oliveira, with review by Carlos Fiolhais.

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Access the Rómulo website and the bibliographic list on Epidemics and Microorganisms.