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QoraBib develops the first simultaneous search tool in religious texts of the three Abrahamic religions

Lorena Caliman
12 july, 2022≈ 4 min read

Religions are one of the most important cultural phenomena in the history of humanity, and regardless of personal opinions, they have been at the centre of historical evolution and changes between civilisations. The QoraBib initiative, a project by French researcher Emilly Cottrel, proposes the unprecedented possibility for everyone to read and research the texts of the three Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) online, simultaneously.

The tool's project is gathering backers at a crowdfunding campaign for its development, through the crowdfunding channel of the OPERAS community - an open science research infrastructure focused on Social Sciences and Humanities, and integrated by the UC. The OPERAS crowdfunding channel is a partnership with the wemakeit platform and will be integrated as one of the innovative services of the GoTriple platform, a dedicated OPERAS service whose final version will be delivered in March 2023. GoTriple is developed by the TRIPLE project, funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme.

Comparative reading between religious texts

The QoraBib application allows users to search through selected keywords - names of people and places -, in the Quran, the Old and the New Testament, in five languages: Arabic, French, English, German and Dutch. By allowing the reader to access the text continuous to the search made, the texts can be better understood and compared. In this way, the tool will facilitate the creation of concordances between parallel texts, motifs and stories that can be easily studied (by researchers or not). The multilingual index allows the comparison of different translations of the writings, which is a condition for the intelligibility of the proper meaning of ancient literature.

The proponent of the project, Emily Cottrel, is a French independent researcher based in the Netherlands whose publications are related to the history of philosophy in Arabic. Cottrel has visited collections of Arabic books and manuscripts around the world and now plans to work on bridges between different traditions and religions. Another team member, the project's web developer, is a Yemeni student based in Jordan.

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