UC Herbarium celebrates International Biodiversity Day as a GBIF publisher

Information is already accessible for several studies, complying with FAIR principles

Lorena Caliman
22 may, 2020≈ 3 min read

On the theme of the celebrations of the International Biodiversity Day (May 22), the Herbarium of the University of Coimbra officially launches on this day its participation as publisher of the Global Biodiversity Information System - GBIF. The institution of the University of Coimbra thus reinforces its commitment to the dissemination of knowledge about biodiversity.

In his participation as publisher of the intergovernmental organization, the Herbarium has already shared the data of about 92 thousand copies of its collection. The information is now available for several studies on the theme of biodiversity, for any user of the portal, and meets the requirements of Open Access, within the FAIR principles: Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable.

The novelty is the most recent implementation of the informatization plan of the UC Herbarium, developed within the scope of its participation in the PORBIOTA infrastructure (Portuguese Biodiversity Information and Research Infrastructure).

Two other platforms fully developed at the institution are also part of the plan: Explorator - a collaborative citizen science platform launched in April this year; and the online catalog, where it is possible to consult all the computerized data of the collection. The catalog interface has been praised by experts from around the world for offering intuitive and functional usability.

The 2020 motto for International Biodiversity Day is 'Our solutions are in nature'.