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Research Streams

INESCC is able to provide consultant services on different areas, such as:

Multiple Criteria/Objectives Decision Support

• Methodologies and systems for supporting decision processes with multiple evaluation criteria

• Multi-objective optimization and planning

• Network optimization models and algorithms

• Efficiency evaluation in industries and services

• Analysis and evaluation of investment projects

• Systems for supporting group collaboration (groupware) and negotiation processes

• Imprecision/uncertainty in decision support

Teletraffic Engineering & Telecommunication Network Design

• Network optimisation and traffic modelling

• Application of Operational Research techniques to network design

• Routing methods in IP/MPLS and WDM networks

• Multicasting methods in IP/MPLS-WDM networks

• Reliability in telecommunication networks

• Resilient routing/fault recovery in MPLS networks

Environmental & Spatial Planning / Sustainable Cities

• Spatial decision support systems

• Multicriteria/multiobjective spatial analysis

• Land use, urban, regional, transportation and environmental planning

• Urban regeneration

• Planning and management of infrastructures

• Location of facilities

• Routing optimization

• Accessibility studies

• Spatial data retrieval from Remote Sensing

• Urban 3D modeling

• Imprecision/uncertainty in geospatial modeling

• Geographical Information

Rational Use of Energy & Power Systems Planning

• Management of demand for energy

• Electricity consumption models

• Energy management in buildings and evaluation of indoor air quality

• Urban energy planning

• Analysis of the quality of service in electricity networks

• Electricity markets

• Studies of energy-environment-economy interactions

• Energy and sustainable development

Computational Mechanics Applied to Structural Systems

• Non-linear structural analysis

• Computational-numerical methods for large-scale systems (finite element methods and other approaches)

• Safety evaluation of structural systems